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The JsForum history

JsForum started as a program assignment for the JSP/Servlet cource at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. The both authors study at the Institute of Information Technology which is a bachelor study.

In the second year of the study (which takes 4 years) we stared to learn JSP/Servlet (J2EE) programming. In the cource our assignment was to make a Forum, while the assignment was progressing the forum became much and much more advanced. After this cource we where working togetter in a virtual project at our institute, for this project we also needed to make a forum. We decided to use the forum created at the course, and improved it again. When the project was finished we had two posibilities send to written code to /dev/null or to SourceForge. That's how JsForum was born, on March 4, 2003 the first public release saw the daylight.

After the first release it became real quite, we both were bussy working on our next (and last) virtual project at the institue. After the summer we when both on an internship for 6 months. For all that time we didn't have time to work on JsForum. As of January 2004 we can devise our own project so we started working on JsForum again. It was very surprising for us to see that the code we made one year back to be complete rubish, so we're intergrating Struts into the excisting project to make a new version.
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